R&D Activities

From Style to Production, in All Step R&D

Mold Design Activities

Die Design Activities

Special Designs Aparatus

Aparatus, Control Fixture and Machines

Feasibility Activities

Process Design and Feasibility Analysis


Die Mold, Aparatus, Fixture and Special Machines Production


Our company culture is; to offer the latest technology with safty manner to our customer with our knowledge that we follow advance technology especially in the field we operate.


To provide the support to the customers with expert and experienced staffs which have have served for many years in the field of R&D and plastic/sheet metal molding in Automotive and Home Appliances sectors.


Our fundemental principles are, to achieve target results in the Projects that we carryout in the shortest time with high motivation, cooperation and team work with proactive approaches.

Project Management

Our first priority is; to provide customer satisfaction with managing of the Project with high quality by our side at the same time with the design activities we carry out.

Orkara Mühendislik

Orkara Engineering In the automotive industry, has served for many years in the field of product development and plastic/sheet metal molding with staff; ORKARA Engineering was established in order to serve; New Product Development, sheet metal die design and plastic part mold design field in automotive, military and aerospace industry in 2014.